Board of Directors

Edward T. Bope, MD, Chair

(2019–2021) Columbus, OH

Kara Cadwallader, MD

(2019–2021) Boise, ID

Jill Endres, MD

(2019–2021) Iowa City, IA

Oswaldo Grenardo, MD, MBA, MS

(2021–2023) Centennial, CO

Amanda Morris, MD

(2020–2022) West Lafayette, IN

Warren Newton, MD, MPH, President

(Non-Rotating) Lexington, KY

David O’Gurek, MD

(2020–2022) Philadelphia, PA

Saria Saccocio, MD, MHA

(2021–2023) Simpsonville, SC

Harry Strothers, MD

(2020–2022) Macon, GA

Marti Taba, MD

(2021–2023) Honolulu, HI

Michael Workings, MD

(2020–2022) Detroit, MI

"Family practice is the keystone specialty in American medicine. We will do everything in our power to preserve, enhance, and improve it."

Nicholas Pisacano, MD