The Pisacano Leadership Foundation is currently supported through an endowment and charitable donations from individuals and corporations.

Many unique sponsorship and collaborative opportunities are available for companies who would like to positively position their organization and mission in the eyes and minds of the current and future leaders in family medicine. As a non-political, non-profit, 501c(3) organization, the Pisacano Leadership Foundation is seen as an independent source for physician leadership development in primary care. The Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program has become the most prestigious and competitive leadership and scholarship program in medicine. By assisting with various programs of the Pisacano Leadership Foundation, a company would become affiliated with this highly recognized honor.

Opportunities include:

  1. Support for the Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program:

    1. Semi-annual Leadership Skills Development Symposia: These are two- or three-day workshops led by nationally-recognized physician leaders and content experts. We seek a company who would like the exclusive sponsorship right for these symposia on an on-going basis. In the past, our symposia have been underwritten by Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Astra Merck, Wyeth-Ayerst, Schering-Plough and Eli-Lilly. The budget for each symposium is approximately $50,000. This includes the Annual Awards Dinner and the Annual Nicholas J. Pisacano, MD Memorial Lecture.

    2. Mentoring Programs: We administer several mentorship programs in which the Pisacano Scholars are paired with leaders in our field to learn skills important to future leadership positions, e.g., peer-review activities, item-writing for certification exams, internships with family physician political leaders, and assistance with preparing presentations for scientific meetings. We seek funding for the training and administration costs for these programs.

    3. International Activities: An international fellowship and exchange program is under development with the AAFP. The objectives are to promote international efforts to advance the specialty of family medicine, to strengthen organized family medicine abroad, and to establish standards for physician certification in the specialty. We seek funds for development and travel. We also seek organizational partners for this endeavor.

    4. Application materials and processing: We seek funding for the development, printing and postage costs for the application materials which are distributed to all medical schools annually.

    5. Scholarship: In addition to the leadership training component of the Program, each Pisacano Scholar receives a sizable scholarship. We seek companies who would like to sponsor a Pisacano Scholar by supporting a scholarship award. This scholarship (worth $50,000) is a unique way for a company to associate itself with excellence and leadership development in primary care and to receive positive publicity.

"Family practice is the keystone specialty in American medicine. We will do everything in our power to preserve, enhance, and improve it."

Nicholas Pisacano, MD