Mission and Goals

The Pisacano Leadership Foundation seeks to advance the specialty of family medicine by professionally and financially assisting accomplished individuals in their quest to achieve excellence in family medicine. Excellence is ultimately measured by the impact of the specialty on the health of the people. Thus, the vision of the Foundation is to positively influence the health of the people through enhancement of the specialty.

The major goal of the Pisacano Leadership Foundation is to identify and foster the future leaders in family medicine. The Foundation seeks to advance the field of family medicine by providing well-educated, community-minded leaders. These future leaders will be identified from current U.S. medical students, and they will be academically and financially supported. By aiding medical students and physicians who demonstrate the highest levels of scholarship, leadership, character, interpersonal skills and community service, the Foundation will promote the development of the future leaders in the most comprehensive primary care specialty, who can then make relevant contributions to primary care for generations to come. To accomplish this task, the Foundation developed the Pisacano Scholars Leadership Program.

Meet the Scholars

"Family practice is the keystone specialty in American medicine. We will do everything in our power to preserve, enhance, and improve it."

Nicholas Pisacano, MD